Safety Tips: Senior Citizens

Seniors stay connected with friends and family through social media technology
Category: Senior Citizens

According to a study published by Pew Research, more than half of adults over the age of 65 are now using the Internet. Of those "online seniors", 43% are using social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. Once online, 70% of these seniors use the Internet on...

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Winter Safety Tips for Seniors
Category: Senior Citizens

Once again it is wintertime in Northeast Ohio. With the colder temperatures arriving it’s especially important to keep an eye on seniors and lend an extra hand to make sure they are safe, healthy and happy this winter. Did you know that heart attack rates spike 50% in the winter months? Even a...

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Is it Time to Consider Retirement from Driving?
Category: Senior Citizens

If your parent, grandparent, or someone you care about is an older driver, you may have noticed that their driving is not as safe as it used to be. Or, if you are an older driver, you may not feel as capable and confident on the road as you have in the past. If you are concerned, you have good reason...

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Avoiding Common Scams Targeting Seniors: Part 3 of 3
Category: Senior Citizens

Financial and investment scams are the topics of the final installment in our three part series. Seniors are frequently targeted in financial and investment scams since savings and money management are so important to retired people. Many financial scams are designed to be complicated and hard to understand,...

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Avoiding Common Scams Targeting Seniors: Part 2 of 3
Category: Senior Citizens

In part two of our three part series, today we will discuss health care and medical scams. Medicare ScamsSince scammers know that every US citizen over 65 qualifies for Medicare, it's easy for scammers to target Medicare. Since Medicare scams are underreported, no one is sure just how much of Medicare's...

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