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Caring for an elderly or disabled individual is one of the most difficult things you will ever face. Physical issues, emotional issues and often family issues come into play when helping a loved one in their time of need. In fact, your caregiving duties put you at great risk of becoming ill yourself.

"If you are a family caregiver, you are at a greater health risk than your loved one. That’s because by devoting yourself to the needs of someone else, you tend to neglect your own. You may not recognize, or you may ignore, the signs of illness, exhaustion, or depression that you are experiencing. But science has now proven what family caregiver advocates have talked about anecdotally for years: Providing care to someone you love — whether full-time, part-time, or long distance — takes a huge toll, both physically and emotionally.”*

How Sievers Security Can Help

A Medical Alert System from Sievers Security can bring much needed peace of mind, independence and security to your caregiving responsibilities. Our medical alert bracelet, medical alert necklace and Medical Alert System provide a complete medical alarm solution. Knowing that your loved one is protected gives you the ability to take care of yourself, improving your own — and your loved ones — quality of life.

10 Tips for Family Caregivers

  1. Caregiving is a job and respite is your earned right. Reward yourself with respite breaks often.
  2. Watch out for signs of depression, and don’t delay in getting professional help when you need it.
  3. When people offer to help, accept the offer and suggest specific things that they can do.
  4. Educate yourself about your loved one’s condition and how to communicate effectively with doctors.
  5. There’s a difference between caring and doing. Be open to technologies and ideas that promote your loved one’s independence.
  6. Trust your instincts. Most of the time they’ll lead you in the right direction.
  7. Caregivers often do a lot of lifting, pushing, and pulling. Be good to your back.
  8. Grieve for your losses, and then allow yourself to dream new dreams.
  9. Seek support from other caregivers. There is great strength in knowing you are not alone.
  10. Stand up for your rights as a caregiver and a citizen.

Source: National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA)

Online Resources

    A wide range of online resources are available to help you as a caregiver:

  • Learn about your loved one’s condition.
  • Locate caregiving information and support services.
  • Convince a loved one to accept help.
  • Deal with a difficult care recipient.
  • And much more!

The following links represent some of the best medical and social resources available today to help you with your caregiving responsibilities.**

Family Caregiver Alliance >

National Alliance for Caregiving >

Caregiver Action Network (CAN) >

Alzheimer’s Association >

American Heart Association
Warning Signs of Heart Attack >
Warning Signs of Stroke >

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Statistics and Risks Associated with Falls >

Department of Health and Human Services
Administration on Aging >
Alzheimer’s Disease Supportive Services Program >
National Family Caregiver Support Program >
National Eldercare Locator >
or call 1-800-677-1116

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*The Stress of Family Caregiving: Your Health May Be at Risk by Tricia O’Brien which appeared in TAKE CARE! Self-Care for the Family Caregiver, Winter 2006, a publication of the National Family Caregivers Association.

**This list is for reference only. Inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement of Sievers Security or its products or services.

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