Touch Screen Security System

Our Touch Screen Security package protects your family and your possessions with the latest in home security technology. Our Touch Screen Security System communicates through your existing internet connection or an internal cellular chip located in the control panel itself. This package also supports optional Z-Wave devices for home automation including: door locks, lights, appliances, and thermostat.


  • No landline required
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen keypad
  • Monitor and manage your alarm system anywhere with text messages or a smart phone app
  • Add optional Z-Wave devices for a complete home automation system accessible from your cellular phone
  • A Sievers alarm system can reduce your homeowners insurance rates*
Smash and Crash Protection Sievers Security only sells proven HIGH Quality
security systems with Smash & Crash Protection.

Cheap units can be quickly and easily disabled!

Advanced Security System Package Components

Keypad Upgrade Graphic Touchscreen Keypad

This graphic touchscreen keypad features an interactive display for quick arming/disarming along with a carousel menu for shortcut features.. The keypad features Home, Sleep, and Away modes. Home mode disarms the system. Sleep mode allows you to arm only the perimeter so you can move around freely while the door and window sensors are activated. Away mode arms the perimeter and activates interior motion sensors.
Model #9862

Wireless Door / Window Sensors Two Wireless Door / Window Sensors

Contact sensor notifies you when a door or window is open. These unobtrusive sensors work with a wide range of door and window types to keep you safe.
Model #1105

Pet Type Motion Sensor Pet Type Motion Sensor

This infrared device detects changes in temperature from human body heat that pass through its field of view. Distinguishes between the heat radiation emitted from an animal and a human body, reducing false alarms. Recommended for use in large rooms, narrow corridors, and stairwells. Two available sensitivity settings. Small and unobtrusive size.
Model #1121-W

Interior Siren Interior Siren

Loud, effective 100 dB alarm siren provides extra security for intrusion protection. The interior siren includes a cover tamper and survey LED. Add additional sirens in several interior areas for even more security.
Model #DMP-1135

We Make Security as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Choose Your Monthly Monitoring Fee

Sievers Security offers many different account options so you can easily find a monthly monitoring agreement that fits into your budget.

You have the option to set up automatic monthly payments with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) so you never have to remember to pay a bill, or you can choose to receive a bill each month.

Your Touch Screen Security System can be monitored via your home network connection including: cable TV, DSL, AT&T U-Verse, Wow!, Vonage, or any other internet connection. If you don’t have any of those services, you can choose the Cellular Monitoring option, which is monitored via an internal cellular chip located in the keypad itself.

All packages are based on a 36 monitoring agreement unless otherwise noted as (DIY no annual contract) or (no annual contract). Price based on Electronic Funds Transfer. Does not include sales.

Pricing For Internet Monitoring (You own the equipment)
Monthly Monitoring
(EFT Accounts)
Pricing For Wireless (Cellular) Monitoring (You own the equipment)
Monthly Monitoring
(EFT Accounts)

2. Select Optional Upgrades, Additional Sensors & Keypads

Sievers Security offers optional upgrades, additional sensors and keypads to allow you to customize your home security package to fit your needs.

Enter quantity of any upgrades or additions you would like to add to your advanced security package.

Remote System Control 
Remote Arm/Disarm via Smart Phone App Learn more >
Monitor and manage your alarm system anywhere, from your iPhone, iPad, or Android smart phone using a vitual keypad app. Functionality includes: arm, disarm, check system status.
See who's there, from anywhere. With wide angled HD video, smart motion detection, and cloud recording, it's like you're home even when you're not.
Model # Ring
Z-Wave Door Lock Module Learn more >
The Z-Wave Door Lock allows you to remotely lock and unlock Z-Wave enabled doors anywhere, using your cell phone. The convenient Z-Wave lock can be locked or unlocked with a key, by entering your user code on the lock keypad, or remotely with your cellphone. Requires smart phone app.
Model #ZW-605
Z-Wave Thermostat Module Learn more >
The Z-Wave Thermostat allows you to integrate your alarm system with your heating/cooling system to help manage energy usage. 7 day programmable thermostat with up to 4 settings per day. Remotely enable the energy savings mode for extra savings when on vacation or away from home. Requires smart phone app.
Model #Z-TZEMT400BB3X
Z-Wave Lamp Module with Dimmer Learn more >
The Z-Wave Lamp Module allows you to remotely control on, off, and dim functions for incandescent lighting. Horizontal design doesn't block additional outlet. Module contains one Z-Wave AC outlet and one standard AC outlet. Requires smart phone app.
Model #Z-45602 Z-WAVE
Z-Wave Fluorescent Light & Appliance Module Learn more >
The Z-Wave Fluorescent Light & Appliance Module allows you to remotely control on and off functions for fluorescent lights, lamps with fluorescent bulbs, and small appliances. Horizontal design doesn't block additional outlet. Module contains one Z-Wave AC outlet and one standard AC outlet. Requires smart phone app.
Model #Z-45603 Z-WAVE
Optional Sensors & Monitors 
Carbon Monoxide Sensor Learn more >
Provides early warning of dangerous carbon monoxide gas levels caused by appliances such gas furnaces, gas ranges, unvented gas fireplaces and gas generators. Colorless, tasteless and odorless but deadly, carbon monoxide is impossible to detect without a sensor. Internal siren is activated when carbon monoxide is present. This wireless sensor is ideal for difficult to wire locations and rooms were aesthetics are critical.
Model #1184-W
Flood Sensor & Low Temp
Dependable water detection ideal for basements, sump pumps, laundry rooms, kitchens, drain and storage areas, or anywhere flooding is a possibility and an early warning is desirable to prevent damage.
Model #WB-200
Glass Break Sensor Learn more >
Designed to detect the sound produced by the shattering of framed glass, this sensor wirelessly transmits an alarm signal to the control panel when a break is detected. This wireless sensor is omni-directional, providing 360° coverage of framed glass mounted in an outside wall. It can also be mounted on the ceiling or an opposing wall for maximum coverage.
Model #1129
Low Temperature Sensor Learn more >
Enables you to monitor temperature levels in your home and its compact size enables it to be installed in virtually any location without being noticed. It alerts you when a major appliance such as a furnace, refrigerator or freezer malfunctions. The sensor also offers protection from the risk of frost shattered pipes and the water damage that follows. Suggested placement includes a baby’s bedroom, green house, basement or wine cellar.
Model #TA-40
Smoke Detector Learn more >
State-of-the-art, highly effective sensors trigger a powerfully loud signal when smoke is detected in your home. Protects you and your family from both smoldering and aggressive fires by giving you the most advanced warning possible. Sleek design and advanced engineering make this a welcome safety feature in any home.
Model #1161
Window Micro Sensor Learn more >
These small contact window sensors notify you when a window is open. They are designed to be unobtrusive and work with a wide range of window types.
Model #1107
Additional Contact Magnetic Door / Window Sensor (2 included in base pkg)
Additional Pet Type Motion Sensor (1 included in base pkg)
LED 4-Button Keychain Key Fob Learn more >
Offers the added confidence of portable personal protection directly at your fingertips. Arm/disarm the system easily as you approach the house. This 4-Button Key Fob transmitter is portable, water resistant, and designed to be clipped to a keychain or lanyard.
Model #1145-4-B

*You pick the installation price, you pick the length of contract, you pick the monthly rate.

*An alarm system from Sievers Security can reduce your homeowners insurance. Contact your insurance agent for details.

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