Wi-Fi Camera System

Wi-Fi Camera System

A security solution to cover both inside and outside, with two indoor cameras and two outdoor cameras, you’ll keep your home safe, inside and out.

Built with a compact design and a long range Wi-Fi antenna, the cameras can be placed virtually anywhere. Set it up near your entryway or in any room to monitor what is happening around the house, day or night.

Receive notification when motion is detected through Smartphone alerts, and view anytime, anywhere with our meShare App.

Weatherproof Wireless HD Wi-Fi Cameras

Weatherproof Wireless HD Wi-Fi Cameras

  • With a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, three times the resolution of VGA IP cameras, this camera allows you to record more details and cover more space
  • 3.6mm wide viewing angle lens, this compact camera is capable of delivering high-quality HD imagery including 500GB hard drive storage
  • You can integrate this wireless camera with your network via a high-speed 802.11b/g connection

A complete and affordable security solution for your home!

Complete and Affordable Security Solution
video-surveillance-wifi-camera-remote-viewing-anytime.jpg, 17 kB

Remote Viewing Anytime Anywhere

View live video of the camera anytime from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Advanced Features

video-surveillance-wifi-camera-advanced-features-wireless.jpg, 2 kB Wireless WiFi
WiFi compliant with wireless standards IEEE 802.11b/g/n, and provides high performance wireless transmission with a wide coverage range.
video-surveillance-wifi-camera-advanced-features-wireless.jpg, 2 kB 65ft IR Night Vision
2 IED arrays provide illumination in low-light situations, allows up to 65ft night vision.
video-surveillance-wifi-camera-advanced-features-wireless.jpg, 2 kB Weatherproof
Cameras perform both outdoor and indoor with professional-grade aluminum housing and sunshade.
video-surveillance-wifi-camera-advanced-features-wireless.jpg, 2 kB H.264 Video Compression
Using H.264 video compression technology in the camera maximizes recording space and conserves internet bandwidth.
video-surveillance-wifi-camera-advanced-features-wireless.jpg, 2 kB IR-Cut
Cameras are built-in IR-Cut, which provides accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions with crisp and detailed image quality.

Wi-Fi Camera Specials

Prices include installation, labor, and parts warranty.

Wi-Fi Camera System With Remote Viewing & Recording
Wi-Fi 2 Camera System with Live Video$399 installed
Wi-Fi 4 Camera System with Live Video$499 installed
Wi-Fi 2 Camera System with Live Video and NVR
Local 500GB Hard Drive Storage
$645 installed
Wi-Fi 4 Camera System with Live Video and NVR
Local 500GB Hard Drive Storage
$898 installed
When motion detected, it will record in real-time @25fps, displaying detailed image.
If there is no movement at all, it will record non-realtime @5ftps.
Extra Wi-Fi 2 Cameras with Live Video$99 installed
Smart Home Hub, WiFi Range Extender, and LED Night Light All-In-One
Range extender for the WiFi camera up to 600 ft.
Power wire fished (concealed) in walls$75 per camera
Placement of cameras must be within 6' of a 110V outlet for all cameras. If the power wire is desired to be concealed in the wall, then the placement of a camera must be directly above an outlet.

Call Sievers Security today at 866-SIEVERS (866-743-8377) to learn how an affordable, easy-to-use surveillance system can add new levels of safety and security to your home.

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